A soil balanced by nature

Our Terroir

Well-balanced profiles forged by desert soil, wind, sun, and the colorado river.

Full-bodied, nuanced, and authentically Argentine —our wines derive their distinct and engaging profiles from the terroir found in the Alto Valle del Rio Colorado region of Patagonia.

Weaving tasting notes from the arid, mineral—rich, alluvial soil, and the strong and practically endless combination of sun and wind lets us bring something new to the table. We are unified in the understanding that the very elements that make winemaking in La Pampa challenging, are in fact essential for our wine’s complexity and superior character.

Vineyard Specs

Vineyard orientation: North to South
Soil description: sandy, deep, with variable content of stones
Training system: double-sided cordon trellis training
Irrigation system: drip
Vine density: 2,700 plants per hectare
Climate: continental, arid, ranging from moderate to cool
Average temperature: 26°C during vegetative growth cycle
Thermal Amplitude: 18°C
Average annual rainfall: 180 mm
Sun: 2000 plus hours during vegetative growth cycle
Elevation: 330 meters above sea level