Our Collection

Notes from the desert

Growing great wine in the desert isn’t about fighting the elements, it’s about embracing them.

From our full-bodied reds to the crisp and clean mineral notes of our whites —we try to weave what we’ve learned from our experience here into every bottle we put out into the world.

State-of-the-art technology pair with passion and ingenuity, ensuring the wine we produce embodies our unique brand of drive and spirit.

The end result —wines with complex but grounded profiles that reflect the haunting beauty of where they came from.

Desierto 25An everyday kind of luxury. Wines designed to bring something approachable, homey and lush to your ‘everyday’.

Desierto Pampa —Refined, but with its feet on the ground. Subtle, nuanced, and full of character. The kind of wine you’ll find hard to keep on the top shelf.

Pampa Mia —Vivacious, young and if we can be so bold —Sexy. Gorgeous combinations of notes come together in a line as rich as it is fun.