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Variety: 100% Chardonnay
Vintage: 2015
Appellation: Patagonia Argentina
Enologist: Sebastián Cavagnaro
Enological Advisor: Paul Hobbs

Tasting Notes

To the eye: pale yellow with an amber that hints at the wine’s crispness.
Nose: notes of fresh pome and tropical fruit with subtle hints of candied lemon.
Palate: an acidity that registers as both reverberant and stimulating, confirming the fruit-based aromas initially perceived by nose.

Vineyard Notes

Vineyard orientation: North to South
Soil description: sandy, deep, with variable content of stones
Training system: double-sided cordon trellis training
Irrigation system: drip
Yield: 90 qq per hectare
Climate: continental, arid, ranging from moderate to cool
Thermal amplitude: 18°C
Average annual rainfall: 180 mm

Vineyard Report

Pruning was conducted in September, leaving shoots with two buds 12 cm apart per plant. Shoot thinning was performed early, when shoots were 20 cm long. Two grape clusters were left per shoot, removing any entangled clusters. Fruit thinning and de-leafing were performed immediately after fruit formation (bunches begin to hang) and then again 30 days before harvest. De-leafing was performed on the east side of the canopy only, at cluster height.

Winemaking Report

Grapes arrive at the winery within one hour of being harvested and are sent directly to the pneumatic press. Oxidative handling of the must is used for winemaking. Juice from the press is moved immediately to stainless steel tanks, overnight settled at 10°C, and then racked off heavy sediments. The partially clarified juice is then inoculated with selected strains of yeast. Fermentation starts at low temperature and progresses to completion within two to three weeks. Aged for 5 months in French oak.

Winemaking Analysis

Alcohol: 14.1% | total acidity: 5.3 g/l | residual sugar: 4 g/l | pH: 3.4


August 2015

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